Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2012 in Review

2012 is over... but during that year I finished a lot of projects!  Eighteen pillowcases, nine dishcloths, five quilted pillows, three fleece squids and a cardboard spaceship!  ...and a few other projects thrown in along the way.  Whew!

First of all, here are all of the pillowcases I made:

The first of the "Birthday Pillowcases."

The "No-Slip" Pillowcase.

Another "No-Slip" Pillowcase.

A "Super Simple" Pillowcase with some stenciling.

A simple "Birthday Pillowcase."

Another simple "Birthday Pillowcase."

The "Elder Sign" Birthday Pillowcase.

"Wedding Ring" Pillow Shams

"Rugby" Birthday Pillowcase

Another "Birthday Pillowcase."

Another simple "Birthday Pillowcase."

A "Reversible" No-Slip Pillowcase.

Another "No-Slip" Pillowcase.

Another simple "Birthday Pillowcase."

Here are all of the quilted pillows I made as gifts:

"Hogwart's Crest" with a purple background

"Hogwart's Crest" with a blue background

Stuff that I knit and crocheted:

A sweater, "just for me."

A "Rugby" scarf.

Jayne's "Cunning" Hat

Some other random projects:

An "Infinity" Dress

And of course, Buddy's Spaceship!

Over forty projects in one year!

I'm pretty proud of all that.

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  1. Awesome! I'm so amazed at your ability. I can honestly say that I like every one of your projects--congrats on a super-crafty year!