Monday, December 31, 2012

Thoughts for the new year...

As the "Christmas Craziness" is winding down I find that I am able to take a deep breath and take a step back.  I finished all of the projects that were then given away as gifts and right now I have no deadlines to worry about.  This is the perfect time for re-organizing my crafting space and cleaning up all of the schnibbles of fabric and paper that have become a carpet.  Perhaps it is also a good time to re-organize my blog?

At the beginning of the year I really tried to post something at least once a week, and for most of the beginning of the year I did just that.  Of course things got crazy as we moved to a new town in the summer and then the holiday season snuck up on me and I got distracted with life... but overall I'd say it was a productive year.  I was able to share over 19 projects with you guys!

Looking towards 2013 I still have lots of projects that I can't wait to get started on and some new things that I want to try.  It is still a goal of mine to post stuff weekly and regularly, but in addition to my posts of finished projects, I am thinking of doing "work-in-progress" posts along the way.  I started this blog as a means to motivate myself to finish craft projects and I am often working on multiple projects at the same time and some of my projects take longer than others.  So I suppose that I am looking for some feedback from you, my faithful followers... would you be interested in seeing weekly "work-in-progress" posts of the things that I'm working on?  Which 2012 post did you enjoy the most?  Is there anything that you would like to see more or less of?

Thanks for sharing 2012 with me!  Here's to a great 2013!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Striped Pillowcase

Where's Waldo?

The question went through my mind as I worked on this pillowcase for my sister...

She's studying at RPI and joined the rugby team there... so I made her a rugby-inspired pillowcase in her school colors.  Apparently there are a lot of wide stripes in traditional rugby apparel... and RPI's colors are red and white.  

And now that the Christmas season is upon us, I am also reminded of candy canes...