Thursday, April 26, 2012

To Boldly Go...

Open shuttle-bay doors and begin docking sequence...

Buddy has his own spaceship!

A classic Star Trek type-4 shuttlecraft with reinforced cardboardium hull plating, named after Buddy's favorite stuffed animal.

Buddy is already adept at laying in course adjustments via the control panel.

Several months ago, this intrepid space vessel was nothing more than a large cardboard box...

We trimmed and folded the front of the box to create the front point and then cut out some windows.

Rear doors and internal reinforcement (in the form of mailing tubes) came next.

Buddy turned out to be a great quality inspector!

We reinforced all of the exterior edges with additional "cardboardium" for extra durability.  Astronomical anomalies can really give a ship a beating...

Next, we integrated the ship's control systems and installed a tactile interface.

Propulsion systems came online after that.  We constructed warp nacelles out of extra-large mailing tubes and extra-large sports-drink bottles.

Finally, we gave the ship a proper paint job and registry number!

U.S.S. Crazy Monkey, ready for launch.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Something For Me...

It has been a long time since I made something for myself.  Lately, I've been busy working on projects for other people and trying to think of things that they would like and appreciate.  And while I really enjoy making things for others, I decided that I needed to finish a project that was just what I wanted, just for me!

So I made myself a dress for Easter.

It's an "infinity" style dress in that the top consists of two long panels that can be wrapped and tied in any number of variations.  I found this tutorial a while ago and followed most of it to make my dress.  (Some parts, like the hemline, I made up myself!)

The dress is made out of a heathered purpley-brown jersey-knit material that actually used to be a queen-sized bedsheet that I found at a thrift store.  It is super soft and comfy!  I embellished the hemline with some large silver leaf-shaped charms that I had lying around from another old project.

I'm actually quite proud of the hemline, even if it began as an accident!  I cut the skirt of the dress too short for my liking and had to improvise a way to lengthen it with the little material I had left.  I ended up cutting out small triangles around the perimeter of the skirt and sewing in larger triangles.

(click the image to enlarge it)

This not only gave the hem some length and dimension but it also added some fun "swish!"  

I'll probably be wearing this dress a lot this summer.  :)