Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tops to Bottoms

As much as my husband appreciates all of the patching of pajama pants that I've done for him, he keeps asking me for a pair of sleeping shorts.  With the recent heat wave that we've had, it makes sense!  The simple solution would have been to simply shorten a pair of pajama pants.  But as I had just finished fixing his last pair I didn't want to waste all of that effort and cut up a perfectly good pair of pants that he will be begging for come winter!  So I used a little creativity and something else that he had in abundance in his dresser drawers:  T-shirts!

We have so many T-shirts that are splattered with paint, old and ripped, or are simply the cheap, freebie kind that we never wear anyway!  Also, I had some old patterns for men's and boys' pajamas (Simplicity 9499) that I had found at a thrift store and I figured that now was a great time to use them.  Sure enough, the men's shorts pattern fit perfectly on some of our old T-shirts!

The directions that came with the pattern were very straightforward and simple.  I made sure to reinforce all of the seams with a zig-zag stitch so that the shorts would be nice and sturdy.  In no time at all, my husband had a new pair of sleeping shorts!

They are wonderfully comfy and the T-shirt material is so soft!

Next project:  making a pair for myself!