Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We have windows now! Windows are cool!

Yes, we actually DID have windows in our old apartment... but they were not COOL windows.

They were old city windows.... the kind of windows that you had to keep covered 24/7 because they lined up with the windows of the neighbors house 3 feet away... and they were the kind of windows that you had to shrink wrap in 5 layers of plastic in the wintertime and then they would swell shut and refuse to open in the summer.

Now that we've moved, we have NICE windows!  These are the kind of windows that you can easily slide open in the summertime for a nice breeze.  They are the kind of windows that you can sit at and gaze out of at the beautiful tree-covered hills outside... These windows actually function as windows!

And as functional windows, I believe they deserve some functionally beautiful window treatments!

To celebrate autumn and the Thanksgiving season I made quick valences to dress up the dining room.

This was an incredibly easy look to achieve... I simply hung some tea-towels over the curtain rod!  I added a coordinating napkin in the middle to hide the overlap and turned it diagonally to make it look sophisticated.

That gave me some time to sew some real curtains and valences.  I made the curtains out of canvas drop cloths from Home Depot because I wanted them to be a nice, neutral backdrop... and because it was more cost effective than buying "home decor" fabric.  I did have some nice green fabric in my stash that was begging to be used... so I made some simple green valences to add a little color.  I wanted to keep the valences simple so as not to detract from the nice molding above the windows.

On the back of the valences I added a small button at the top so that I could embellish my window treatments for the seasons.  For the holidays I hung some cheery red bows on them!


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