Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dishcloth Magic!

No... sorry... I'm not talking about magical dishcloths that magically do your dishes for you... (...although I really do wish I had some of those!)

I'm talking about Cindy's "Open Mesh Magic Dishcloth" from My Recycled  My Recycled Bags was one of the first blogs I started following!  Cindy has some wonderful free patterns and tutorials on her site and lots of fun ideas about crafting with recycled materials.

Anyway, I recently gave her Open Mesh Magic Dishcloth pattern a try and found it to be an enjoyably quick and easy project!

Using simple double-crochet stitches, you create an open grid that allows the dishcloth to be light and quick-drying while still full of scrubby power!  

I used cotton yarn for these particular cloths... Sugar N' Cream's "Hot Green" and "Hot Blue" to be precise. I think the colors complement each other well.

Perhaps my favorite part of this project was that it took me less than an hour to finish each dishcloth... which is about the length of a Star Trek episode!  In which case I'll probably be making many more...

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