Thursday, March 15, 2012

TUTORIAL: No-Slip Pillowcase

My husband's pillow has a problem.

It likes to be naked.

Somehow it finds my husband so attractive that it feels the need to take off its clothes every night.

Every day I dress it up in a cute little pillowcase...

...and every morning I find the pillowcase under the bed and the pillow completely in the nude.

Apparently my Super Simple Pillowcases are not going to cut it with this foxy little number...

...So I drafted up a "No-Slip" pillowcase design that has a slit up the back instead of a completely open side.    It only requires ONE yard of fabric and is pretty simple to put together.

To begin, you'll want to fully open up your yard of fabric and trim off any selvedge (that's the annoying strip along the side of the fabric with words on it).  Now cut it in half width-wise so that you have two 22"x36" rectangles.

Cut one of those rectangles in half to create two 22"x18" rectangles.  Trim 6 inches off of the other rectangle to make a 22"x30" rectangle.

You should have 4 pieces all together.  We won't be using the little 6" piece, so you can save it for some other project!

The two 18" pieces are going to be the back of our pillowcase.  We're going to hem them first on the middle edges.  These edges will overlap on the back and hold our pillow in place!  

Flip the fabric over so that the wrong side is facing up.  Fold over one of the 22" long edges one inch.

Now fold the edge over AGAIN another inch.  Iron the fold and pin it in place.

You'll want to sew your seam relatively close to the edge of the fold.  I like to then sew a second seam 1/4 inch away from the first... it makes the hem a little more structured and it looks cool!

Now it's time to lay your back pieces out on top of your front piece.  Make sure that the right sides are together and line up the edges.  The back flaps should overlap a few inches in the middle.  Once you pin everything in place it's time to sew around the entire edge!

Sew around the entire rectangle.  I like to use 1/4 inch seams. 

Don't forget to snip the corners!  Once you turn the whole thing right-side out you can use a chopstick to make the corners nice and pointy.  

And voila!  Stuff a pillow inside and you're good to go. 

Here is the front:

...and here is the back:

Try getting out of THAT you silly pillow!

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