Thursday, November 28, 2013

Making Christmas, Week 7

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

With all of the preparations and anticipation of today, I had very little time for crafting this past week.  I made some progress on one of the amigurumi birds that I am making as a Christmas present, and I will probably get to work on it some in the car as we drive up to visit family! here are the (not so) updated lists:

The To-Do List:

     [X]  finish crocheting one scarf
     [X]  finish crocheting one pair of hand warmers
     [  ]  finish one embroidered ornament
     [X]  finish one harvest-themed wall hanging
     [X]  finish one paper-pieced pattern
     [  ]  crochet two amigurumi birds--PROGRESS!!
     [  ]  sew four messenger bags
     [X]  sew two six fish pencil cases
     [  ]  sew one stuffed aquatic invertebrate
     [  ]  sew a surprise for Buddy

Bonus Achievements:

     [X]  sew a small zippered bag
     [X]  decorate the porch for halloween
     [X]  make candy favors for halloween
     [X]  make a baby shower gift


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! You're doing really well with your list :)