Friday, November 8, 2013

Making Christmas, Week 4

I managed to check not one, but TWO projects off my list this week!  I'm on a roll!

First, I finished half a dozen fish.

Then, I finished a wall hanging that I started working on last year.

I always get somewhat annoyed that Thanksgiving is practically ignored by our commercialized culture, so I decided to make an extra effort to decorate for the holiday!  I had finished the pieceing of the quilt top last year so I simply had to quilt, bind and finish it this year.  The pumpkin and maple leaves are paper-pieced patterns designed by Jennifer of Sewhooked and I designed the "Thankful" paper-pieced block myself.

I am super excited about this wall hanging and it's going to get its own proper post next week!

...and here are my updated lists:

The To-Do List:

     [  ]  finish crocheting one scarf--PROGRESS!!
     [X]  finish crocheting one pair of hand warmers
     [  ]  finish one embroidered ornament
     [X]  finish one harvest-themed wall hanging--DONE!!
     [  ]  finish one paper-pieced pattern
     [  ]  crochet two amigurumi birds
     [  ]  sew four messenger bags--PROGRESS!!
     [X]  sew two six fish pencil cases--DONE!!
     [  ]  sew one stuffed aquatic invertebrate
     [  ]  sew a surprise for Buddy

Bonus Achievements:



  1. Congrats on finishing two of you list items! Your wall hanging looks great and I LOVE your fish!

  2. So sorry I got your name wrong. I wrote Elizabeth first but then I went to double check and searched in my gmail and found Kristan from and I got you mixed up because of your blog names being similar. On further investigation I found you're a noreply blogger and there's no email contact on your blog, which I hadn't realized before. I've changed the credit in your fab fish picture now :)