Friday, November 1, 2013

Making Christmas, Week 3

I was quite productive this week! ...or at least I felt productive.  I worked on a lot of projects but I still haven't finished many.

But I did end up making nearly 70 little "goodie ghosts" for halloween this week.  (...and they weren't enough!  I'm going to have to make even more next year!)

They helped me hand out candy while I went trick or treating with Buddy!

I also made good progress on the fish pencil cases.  I have all of their little fins ready to go!  (I made the first one over the summer and it was so cute and fun that I'm making more!)

...I got a little carried away and I'm now making six... Hopefully I can get them finished by next week!

So here it is...

The To-Do List:

     [  ]  finish crocheting one scarf--PROGRESS!!
     [X]  finish crocheting one pair of hand warmers
     [  ]  finish one embroidered ornament
     [  ]  finish one harvest-themed wall hanging--PROGRESS!!
     [  ]  finish one paper-pieced pattern
     [  ]  crochet two amigurumi birds
     [  ]  sew four messenger bags
     [  ]  sew two six fish pencil cases--PROGRESS!!
     [  ]  sew one stuffed aquatic invertebrate
     [  ]  sew a surprise for Buddy

Bonus Achievements:

     [X]  sew a small zippered bag
     [X]  decorate the porch for halloween
     [X]  make candy favors for halloween


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