Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Small Things

One of my sisters just graduated from High School!

In a few weeks she'll be heading off to Basic Training and then to "Nuke Power School" in South Carolina as part of the Navy's prestigious Nuclear Power program.  Because she's going into the military and not off to a civilian college, she really has no need for any extra "stuff," so it was a challenge to think of something that I could make for her.  It occurred to me that she still has to pack things like clothes and toiletries so why not make her some small bags and pouches?

I scoured Pinterest for small bag tutorials and I ended up making her three!

The first was a rectangular zippered bag from the Purl Bee.

It's called a "dopp kitt" apparently, which is "an old fashioned term for a toiletry bag."  I found some cute upholstery fabric for it in lime green, my sister's favorite color.

Then I found a wonderful tutorial by Kelby on her blog kelbysews for these cute little zippered pouches.

These were quite fun and very simple to make!  Kelby made an excellent tutorial and these pouches are even lined on the inside.  I used contrasting zippers to add a little extra flair.

I hope that these little things will be useful!  Even if she can't take them to boot camp at first, they should come in handy at some point!

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  1. Congratulations to your sister.
    These look excellent and she is sure to think of you often as she uses these.