Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cathedral Winows

For my mom's birthday this year I wanted to make her some pillow shams that would coordinate with the quilt she keeps on her bed.  This quilt is full of curves and arcs in soft pastels.  Now, I have done some curvy quilt piecing with the Double Wedding Ring pillow shams that I made last year... but while I was researching curvy patterns I found a tutorial for beautiful Cathedral Window blocks.  This particular pattern is elegant and graceful and yet it is made from folded squares!

I found a great tutorial here by Shruti from the blog 13 Woodhouse Road.  I made 24 squares per pillowcase, and with each square being 4" they were easily combined into queen-sized shams!

Folding and ironing all 48 of those squares proved to be a very time consuming task... I think I watched nearly an entire season of Downton Abbey on Netflix!  But once I had the squares sewn together, sewing the arcs around the colored patches went rather smoothly.

However, not all of the points lined up perfectly, and being a perfectionist I decided that adding buttons to each point would hide any imperfections and add some additional interest and texture.  I found a variety of white and off-white buttons in my stash and decided that the randomness would complement the handmade, patchwork design scheme.

Of course, I didn't realize how long it was going to take to add buttons... sewing on a total of 78 buttons took about 7 hours!  But the end result was definitely worth it and my mom loves her gift!

...and Noel loves them too!


  1. You've done a wonderful job of those pillowcases! I'm just starting cathedral window quilting, using old fabrics hopefully (well until I run out of them), I hope I don't get bored of it. I love the colours you've used together, looks so cosy & homely!
    Joey xx

    1. Thanks Joey! They definitely take patience and precision, but the end result is really beautiful and well worth it. I'd love to see your cathedral windows when you finish them!

  2. What a work of art. The texture and the colors are peaceful and the buttons add the perfect finishing touch.