Thursday, October 17, 2013

A To Do List...

Our computer is back up and running smoothly... just in time for me to start panicking about all of the projects I have lined up for the end of the year!  And it turns out that I'm not the only one with a monstrously long to-do list...

Welcome to "Making Christmas 2013!"


Thanks to Rebecca of Making Rebecca Lynn and Janine of Rainbow Hare, a whole bunch of us crafty bloggers are counting down the days until December 25th and ticking off our to-do lists as we go!  Kind of like a virtual accountability group... for craft-a-holics.

There are dozens of things that I would "like" to get done before the holidays, but realistically I have very limited crafting time and I need to prioritize.  Some things on my list simply need finishing... and theoretically they shouldn't take very long.  But then I also have quite a number of gifts that I need to start and finish before Christmas. Since the gift items on my to-do list are for family members and people who may happen to read my blog, I'm keeping my descriptions vague and cryptic.

Here is the list:

     [ ]  finish crocheting one scarf
     [ ]  finish crocheting one pair of hand warmers
     [ ]  finish one embroidered ornament
     [ ]  finish one harvest-themed wall hanging
     [ ]  finish one paper-pieced pattern
     [ ]  crochet two amigurumi birds
     [ ]  sew four messenger bags
     [ ]  sew two fish pencil cases
     [ ]  sew one stuffed aquatic invertebrate
     [ ]  sew a surprise for Buddy

Hopefully I can get it all accomplished without pulling too many all-nighters the week before Christmas (which is what usually happens!)  But hey, go check out some of the other blogs that are "Making Christmas" and feel motivated to tackle your own to-do list!


  1. Good luck with your list! I ended up leaving some things off mine in case blog stalking friends and family see them. I love your cryptic descriptions and I'm looking forward to seeing your makes! Thank you for linking up :)

    1. Thanks! I think the weekly link-up will be great motivation to get things done. This is the time of year where I usually run out of steam and procrastinate... but hopefully not this year!