Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pinterest Project: Twine-Wrapped Bottles

This week's Pinterest Project was a recycling project!  We used glass jars and wrapped them up in twine and yarn to create attractive vases.  There are TONS of Pinterest pins out there about wrapping bottles in twine, so we just had to try it!

I had some sparkling grape juice bottles and an old soy sauce jar sitting in my recycling bin so I used those.

I found it easiest to start wrapping the yarn at the top of the bottle, securing the first few wraps with hot glue.  I then spread some white glue over the bottle as I wrapped down and secured the end with hot glue at the bottom.  Then we used scraps of lace and ribbon to add a little extra texture and color.  They turned out very nice!

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  1. I love these! Hoping to do some this weekend. And I love having one with yarn. Thanks for telling how you did it....